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费耶特 Campus Physical Address

Upper 爱荷华州 University
605 Washington St.
费耶特, IA 52142

费耶特 Campus Mailing Address

Upper 爱荷华州 University
P.O. Box 1857
费耶特, IA 52142-1857

In an Emergency

Doing Business with UIU

If you are a vendor, interested in doing business with UIU or following up on a 商海ss issue, please contact the UIU Business Office, which handles Requests for Proposal, purchasing, billing 和 tax-exempt issues.


注意: full directory is available to current students 和 employees on myuiu.

General Inquiries: 800-553-4150

  • Press “1” if you are interested in becoming a student at UIU (招生)
  • Press “2” for student services (Financial Aid, Business Office, Registrar’s Office, 成绩单, Academic Advisor, UIU’s Apparel Store, Dining Services, 学生生活, Office of International 招生)
  • Press “3” if you are a UIU alumnus (校友/Advancement, Registrar’s Office, 成绩单, Business Office, Career Services)
  • Press “4” for all other inquiries (老虎机游戏 Management, 图书馆, UIU’s Apparel Store, Dining Services, 竞技, HR, Provost’s Office, Marketing/Communications)

University Contacts

Office / Department电话电子邮件
Academic Advising - Centers, Online, Self-Paced800-553-4150;[email protected]
Academic Affairs563-425-5347; [email protected]
Accounts Payable563-425-5232[email protected]
Accounts Receivable800-553-4150, ext. [2+1][email protected]
招生 - Centers, Online, Self-Paced800-553-4150[email protected]
招生 - 费耶特 Campus563-425-5281[email protected]
亚历山大 Center Office318-484-2184[email protected]
校友/Advancement563-425-5388[email protected]
Andres School of Education563-425-5211[email protected]
竞技563-425-5700[email protected]
巴吞鲁日 Center Office225-923-2331[email protected]
Blackhawk (Janesville) Center Office608-754-7490[email protected]
书店800-325-3252 Contact Customer Service
Business Services800-553-4150, ext. [2+1] 商海[email protected]
Campus Police (费耶特)563-425-5372[email protected]
Campus Store563-425-5248[email protected]
Career Development563-425-5229[email protected]
Cedar Rapids Center Office319-848-8488[email protected]
Center for International Education563-425-5852[email protected]
辅导服务 和 健康 Services563-425-5215[email protected]
德里德 Center Office337-202-7823[email protected]
得梅因 Center Office515-225-1800[email protected]
Dining (费耶特 Campus)563-425-5491[email protected]
Disability Services563-425-5949[email protected]
Education Abroad563-425-5831[email protected]
Elkhorn Center Office262-619-7042[email protected]
Event Planning563-425-5848[email protected]
External Affairs563-425-5927[email protected]
Facilities Management 和 Services563-425-5796[email protected]
Financial Aid800-553-4150[email protected]
胡德堡 Course Location Office1-800-553-4150, ext 3801[email protected]
Fort Leavenworth Center Office913-684-7341[email protected]@
波尔克堡 Center Office337-537-4465[email protected]
赖利堡 Center Office785-784-5225[email protected]
锡尔堡 Center Office580-595-9338[email protected]
heartl和ing563-425-5955[email protected]
Hong Kong Center Office(852) 2510 8991[email protected]
Human Resources563-425-5195[email protected]
Information Technology/Help Center563-425-5876[email protected]u
Intensive English Program563-425-5993[email protected]
图书馆563-425-5261 [email protected]
麦迪逊 Center Office608-278-0350[email protected]
Mailroom (费耶特 Campus)563-425-5319
Marketing / Communications563-425-5927[email protected]
Media Relations563-425-5773[email protected]
台面 Center Office480-461-6790[email protected]
Military 和 Veterans Service Center563-425-5507[email protected]
密尔沃基 Center Office414-475-4848[email protected]
新奥尔良 Center Office504-682-6792[email protected]
工资表563-425-5990[email protected]
Prairie du Chien Center Office608-326-4292[email protected]
President's Office563-425-5221[email protected]
打印店563-425-5303[email protected]
四城市 Center Office563-359-7111[email protected]
Recreation Center (费耶特 Campus)563-425-5669[email protected]
Registrar's Office563-425-5279[email protected]
Residence Life (费耶特 Campus)563-425-5215[email protected]
罗克福德 Center Office815-332-1414[email protected]
School of Arts 和 Sciences563-425-5918[email protected]
School of Business 和 Professional Studies563-425-5839[email protected]
Student Accounts563-425-5234[email protected]
学生生活563-425-5215[email protected]
成绩单563-425-5351[email protected]
家教中心563-425-5272[email protected]
滑铁卢 Center Office319-232-6980[email protected]
沃索 Center Office715-675-2775[email protected]
Writing Center563-425-5854[email protected]



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